In view of the forthcoming 30th Anniversary Celebration of our dear state; we invite you to sponsor six (6) cardinal events with the major aim of growing a more dynamic society and promoting key products and services of your business.

Envisaged to accrue to you and your customers are limitless marketing and vendoring opportunities for your products and services. We envision the promotion of a strategic collaboration between the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Akwa Ibom State and your good-selves in a Public Private Partnership structure that will profit both parties. These events are plan ned as a potpourri of entertainment to provide leisure and illustrate our vibrant and multi-coloured evolution to Statehood.

This commemoration seeks to be a watershed to engage and celebrate the good relationship that exists between the people of Akwa Ibom state and your company; thus, it presents a fantastic platform for learning firsthand - the Akwa Ibom history, heritage and other initiatives for your future investments.

In view of the foregoing, we wait in earnest anticipation of your quick response and participation, while submitting the under-listed “KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS OF THE EVENT” and “PROPOSED EVENTS” for your kind perusal and action.


As a consequence of your partnership through this sponsorship; several windows of business opportunities will accrue to your company. And a few of these are:-

  1. Brand visibility and business viability within and after the event
  2. Magnificent impact and excellent outcomes arising from the goodwill of your Community Service responsibility (CSR).
  3. Guest expectations will be fulfilled as they view your product in satisfactory action.
  4. More than 30,000 customers will be there - live to watch the event
  5. Over 3 million spectators eyeing their I-pads, android phones, windows phones and television screens will see and admire your product/s
  6. Over 10 million local/international TV viewers will be ever ready to view the event and identify with your company’s products
  7. Lots of branding opportunities
  8. The Event will give your products and brands; great mileage
  9. The Event will create boundless and unlimited merchandizing and vendoring opportunities
  10. Thousands of young adolescents are eagerly and enthusiastically awaiting this magnanimous spectacle and research has it on record that youths outnumber adults in Nigeria 60/40. It’s a BIG Market out there; and with the opportunities created by this sponsorship you can smile to the Bank.

For further details please call 08023296482 or 08039456792

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